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There are four “worlds” that come to mind when it comes to strategic structuring and estate planning:

Protecting assets from future creditors and bankruptcy

Minimising the impact of a family law dispute

Minimising a risk of a successful challenge to assets on death

Having an optimal tax-effective structure

At Nathan Yii Lawyers, we work with a range of clients including their advisors to implement a strategy to achieve the best of the four worlds. If all four are not achievable, we work with the client and their advisor to prioritise.

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“Nathan calmed us down by explaining the complexities of estate planning and tax issues in plain English we could understand! His use of diagrams to explain the process really helped us realise what we had to deal with. We are very happy clients of yours, thank you Nathan for your support.”

Darryl and Kate, property developers.

“Great work Nathan, keep it up!”

Greg and Heather, proud parents of two young kids.

“Nathan’s knowledge and expertise is second to none. He may be young, but sure knows his stuff! Thanks for guiding my wife and I through our asset and wealth structure; we really didn’t know how all of our trusts and self-managed superannuation fund worked before talking to him.”

John, business owner.

“Good value for money. He doesn’t waste time or charge through the roof like our previous lawyer did. He delivered top quality work without compromise.”


“Thanks for helping me and my family lawyer through our tax issues. It was a nightmare dealing with the complexity, but we got there in the end. Thanks for your kindness through a difficult time.”

Sally, school teacher.

“I have to say, understanding tax isn’t easy and explaining it to a lay person like myself can also be challenging. Nathan patiently explained the ins and outs of the tax system to us as well as the best way to structure our business and investments. Our accountant was very pleased with Nathan’s non-threatening and measured approach.”

Gerard, business owner.