A well planned and thought out structure goes a long way

Business and investment structures are critical in lifetime, retirement and estate and succession planning for small to medium enterprise and private clients. Owning an asset or business in the correct structure is crucial to manage taxation and duty consequences and can also protect wealth from future predators. A failure to address this from the outset can be the source of grief and financial concerns.

We advise on the choice of structure and prepare the necessary documents required to govern the chosen structure. In particular, we work closely with clients and their advisors to take into account one’s circumstances, with a view to minimise:

  1. The risk of creditors making claims on assets in the event of insolvency
  2. Family law risk
  3. The risk of a successful challenge to one’s estate in a testator’s family provision claim
  4. Taxation and stamp duty liabilities going forward

We can assist by working with clients and their advisors to:

  1. Draft the documents to establish the entity such as trust deeds or company documents
  2. Advise on internal governance issues and draft those documents such as shareholder and family agreements
  3. Advise on family office arrangements and draft necessary documents to achieve a family office structure