Deceased Estate Administration & Probate

Effectively transitioning wealth to beneficiaries after death

The passing of a loved one is a very difficult and painful time for those who are left behind. The implementation of an appropriate and effective estate plan for an individual will hopefully make the transition of wealth and administration of their deceased estate more streamlined with a Grant of Probate being applied from the Court. Where an individual has not made a Will, the laws of intestacy would apply to the division of estate wealth and Letters of Administration will need to be applied for.

We work alongside clients and their advisors to advise on and assist with the administration of deceased estates and structures to:

  1. Read, interpret and advise on provisions of Wills
  2. Apply for a Grant of Probate and Letters of Administration
  3. Minimise capital gains, income tax and stamp duty in deceased estate administration
  4. Implement a strategy for payment of superannuation death benefits
  5. Varying provisions of Wills by preparing deeds of family arrangement
  6. Advise on the prospects of a family provision claim and/or defending the testamentary wishes of a Willmaker in an estate litigation setting
  7. Advise on other contentious trusts and estates issues such as statutory Will applications