Asset Protection

Protect your assets from future creditors and predators.

Protecting assets from future creditors and predators is key in a good structure or estate plan. Business risk, bankruptcy, family law risk and estate challenge risk are all issues that impact on how assets or businesses are structured. Ownership and ensuring that wealth passes to an appropriate structure on death will ensure that one’s assets as far as possible, do not pass into the wrong hands.

We provide advice and implement strategies to minimise the risk of:

  1. Attack by existing or future creditors, having regard to bankruptcy laws and clawback periods
  2. A challenge to the distribution of wealth on death
  3. Family law attack in the context of property division

In doing so, we assist with:

  1. Parent to child loans
  2. Bespoke business and investment structures
  3. Wealth equity trusts and gift and loan back arrangements
  4. Transfers of family home between spouses/domestic partners
  5. Minimising the risk of assets being subject to family law property division, as far as possible, for example by implementing a secured parent to child loan